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About Us

Founded from a passion for live music and the beauty and understanding artists bring to the world. Working with artist to play on stages and see their goals and dreams come to life is the driving force behind our partnerships. Along the way we want to ensure every artist we work with has as much fun reaching their goals, as we do.  

Upcoming Events

Lexi-Fest Battle of the Bands


Lexington, KY

November 13, 2022 

We are now booking for the 2022 Lexi-Fest Battle of the Bands from 9/20-10/31. This will be an unplugged performance event. 1-3 performers from your group is ideal. More details will be provided.

Compete in BOB

If you would like to compete in BOB, send an email to Include links to the best way for us to get to know your music and you as an artist. Ex: EPK, website, live video links, streaming links, and socials.


BOB Prizes

The first place winner of Battle of the Bands will have an automatic performance placement at the Lexington Music Awards in Lexington, KY in April 2023..

First, Second, and Third place winners of BOB will have an automatic performance slot at the 2023 Lexi-Fest Festival that will be held in the Nashville, TN area in 2023. 

Lexi-Fest Festival - Nashville

Nashville, TN

Fall 2023

We are now booking for the 2023 Lexi-Fest in Nashville 2023. If you are interested in performing, send over your artist info!

Contact Us

To attend or perform at any events or to schedule a consultation, 


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